Monthly Meeting

Hey Pilots! Our December meeting is this coming Tuesday the 8th at SunUp Brewing on Camelback at 7pm. We are holding officer elections so show up and vote! If you have any more nominations please let me know by Monday. Here is the agenda, let me know if you want anything added. See you there!
December Meeting Agenda
New Faces:
Old Business:
Elections: Ballots will be handed out at the meeting, and a one week online vote will also be available for those who live outside the area.
Calendars are here, and there are a few left from our last meeting. $20!
New Business:
Elden: dues, upcoming agreements, etc.
Club dues are paid in January for everyone. Please get your dues paid, there will be a spreadsheet and helmet stickers given out so we can keep track.
Site Reports:
Turkey of the Month:
Eagle of the Month:
Pilot of the Month:
Driver of the Month: