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The Center of the Universe for Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Mingus Mountain, located in the Prescott National Forest between Prescott Valley and Jerome, is the AZHPA's premier flying site. Free (to USHPA members) camping at launch, a poured cement launch ramp and a 'natural ramp' 150 feet north, approximately 4300 feet vertical, stunning scenery, and a grassy breakdown area combine to make this site one of the best in the USA.


Location: Cottonwood, Jerome.
Usage: Foot Launched: Hang Gliders, Paragliders, Rigid Wings.
Season: All year, but best from Spring to early Fall.
Requirements: H3 / P3, key access during Winter.
Affiliation: Arizona Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.
Radio info: USHGA standard business band frequencies, 2M Ham with proper license.
Land ownership: Launch is owned by U.S. Forrest Service. LZ is private land.
Other use: Sightseers and campers near launch.
Emergency: Cottonwood, about 45 mins. drive.
Maintenance: Arizona Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.


Launches: Two cliff launches at 7,800' ASL can get rowdy in strong winds. During best season, launching should be in the early afternoon, before winds switch West.
Winds: SE from 0 to 25 MPH. Wire crew needed for winds over 15 MPH.
Driving directions: Take state route 89A either north from Prescott Valley or south from Jerome to top of mountain. Follow exit to Mingus Recreational Area where a packed-dirt road begins. Follow on dirt past meadow, small lake, church camp and campground. Take a left at the campground to go to launch.
Road conditions: 2WD dirt road in fair condition, 20 MPH speed limit must be respected.

Parking: 20 to 25 vehicles. More space at campground.
Facilities: One Port-a-let at launch. Camping available at campground half-mile from launch.

Setup area: Max. 30 gliders. More space between trees.
Hazards: Frequent rotor on launch ramp: this is typically a morning site. Launching in afternoon is uncommon and can be very hazardous. Visitors should contact local pilots for detailed information.


Type of flying: Ridge soaring rare, but possible. This is one of Arizona's prime cross-country flying sites with routes into mostly Northwest to East directions depending on winds aloft.
Restrictions: No special flying restrictions.
Hazards: A few radio towers behind launch. During monsoon season, violent thunderstorms may be present or may develop very quickly.


10th Street LZ: See it in googlemaps Do NOT cross the Cottonwood Airport runway at less than 2000 feet AGL.


Old dump: LZ at 3,800' ASL about 200' by 400'. Slight down slope from South to North. Approaches are typically from S->N and WE. Break-down area is on far east edge of LZ.
Driving directions: Drive to Cottonwood airport, stay on pavement past airport, go past cattle guard where road turns to dirt. Continue another two-thirds of a mile to LZ entrance on right. Have the locked-gate combination handy.
Road conditions: Gravel, 2WD.
Parking: Far east and north ends of LZ but leave room for overshooting gliders.
Facilities: Several in Cottonwood.
Hazards: Half mile from Cottonwood airport, look for small airplanes in the air. Several large rocks, steep drop-off on south end of LZ. Use good approach pattern to clear three small knolls about 100' high on west and north sides.

3rd Local Option

Cottonwood Airport: Special training is required to land at Cottonwood Airport. Do NOT land at Cottonwood if you have not been trained on how to use that site! For detailed airport info, please see http://www.airnav.com/airport/P52.


Sedona airport: Please check with local hang glider pilots for the current Sedona Airport HG landing protocol.

5 Responses

  1. Trying to find any local pilots who might be flying the Mt. Mingus site any time between 4/11/16 to 4/16/16
  2. I was visiting the area from out of state, when my uncle struck up a conversation with a young woman regarding paragliding. She was very polit, and informative. She stated that her name was Marari, like, Ferrari with an M. I would like to that this person for being polit, and explaining this sport, how can I contact her?
    • Hi Ron, You could look for her on Facebook, I'll pass your note to her. Let us know if you have any further questions, and if you're interested in flying! Best, Gingher
  3. We were planning to come to your glorious area tomorrow for a few days. RASP is suggesting NE. Does that work for your Mingus lanches Thanks. John 250-469-4196
    • Hi John, East is fine, too much north is not. Usually it is a leeside sight that requires thermals to overtake the prevailing. It is strict P3/H3, make sure you pay your temporary AZHPA membership on our membership page. There is usually someone up there flying if the weather is good, and they can give you the site protocol. Enjoy the jewel of AZ! Best, Gingher

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