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    Hi All,
    Adam Lee here. I was recently awarded the (un)Official State Record for Paragliding Xc in Ohio by USHPA. My recent flight of 10.6 miles shattered the previous record of 0.0 miles and I am now on a mission to conquer the Arizona and California State Xc Records.

    Yeah right. All kidding aside, I’m actually vacationing with my new bride and she allowed me to bring my glider on our honeymoon! Can you believe it!? I’ve found a keeper…(which is why I married her 😉

    The point of this post is to hopefully connect with a few local pilots who wouldn’t mind spending a little time showing me around the sites. I will rely on your judgement on which sites to fly.. I’m a P-3 flying a Gin Sprint which I absolutely love!! This glider took very good care of me in Valle’ last January.

    I will be in Sedona, AZ Monday through Friday of this week. I look forward to meeting you and visiting your beautiful State!!



    Do you have a surface tow rating?

    Though it’s a bit of a drive for you, if you do have winch experience then flying in Rainbow Valley with is the best way to ensure you don’t do lots of parawaiting while you’re here. 😀

    Have fun!




    Hey Adam, congrats on the Ohio state record. Do that ten more times in one flight and you’ll be in the ballpark for the AZ state record! 😀
    In all seriousness, we have a pretty active community here and lots of beautiful places to fly. Mingus (the center of the universe) is a short drive from Sedona and is a world class site. Also, you are close to Apache Maid which is the most beautiful place to fly in AZ and consistently provides an amazing glass off! (got some yesterday with twelve other pilots).
    Keep an eye on this forum, especially the chat box on the front page. Pilots usually post flying plans there. Also feel free to contact me or anyone else for info/plans.
    You are definitely here at the right time, several great PG and HG flights were had this past weekend. Look forward to flying with you.



    Thanks for the replies!! I must say that Arizona is jaw dropping beautiful! I mean, I’ve seen pictures but seeing it in person is awe inspiring! I love it!

    Yes, towing is very popular in the flatlands of the Midwest and I have my ‘ST” rating signoff. My girl and I plan to venture out and explore the area thoroughly this week. We don’t have a set schedule except for heading to California this weekend. If either days this week look better than other please let me know. I see the forecast is pretty consistent. I look forward to meeting you.

    As for my record, I realize that ten miles is nothing; however, it provided an opportunity to put Ohio “on the map” while at the same time stirring up a little friendly competition among friends. 😉 My buddies are saying that there will be a new record when I get back to Ohio. We’ll see.



    so, Sedona is a great place to be. Mingus, Apache Maid, Craters, etc all great places. post your number, and I’ll call you. I may be able to get up and fly Maid on Friday this week. she was great last night.

    steve konves 928-699-9362

    You guys, I have a wish to fly off of the mountain quite high just N.E of Orme-Dugas road East of I-17. it looks kiteable, and then potential great lift.




    Thank you Steve for reaching out!! Adam Lee 850-630-6803 call or text.

    I would reeeeeeally prefer to hook up with some locals to ensure I don’t do something I will regret, i. e., launching off some random ridge in the middle of nowhere! They all so perfect compared to where I’m from. I am USHPA P3 and happy to to pay/join/behaive as required to fly these beautiful sites you have.

    I’m seeing SW winds. Is Mingus still an option? I’m hoping to fly before Friday.

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