Visiting Phoenix soon, looking to fly Mingus maybe more.

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    Hey all,

    I’m a H3 from Lookout. I’m visiting my Parents in Phoenix at some point this year and I really want to make it up to Mingus while I’m there. I’m flying in and will have my harness/helmet but I’ll need a glider. I just want to put my feelers out there and get in touch with some local pilots well in advance of this trip. I’ve never done a flying trip like this where I have to arrange for a glider, I’ve only flown around the southeast.

    A little about me: 25hrs 150 flights, FL, FSL, CL, AWCL, TUR, AT. I’ve flown Lookout, Hensons, Whitwell, Chilhowee. I fly a Super Sport 163, just moved up from a pulse and learned on a Falcon.



    Call me if you get a chance.



    Hi Tankpets, I replied on the .org site as aireout but this is more local. I had a similar request from a fellow Lookout Mtn flyer named Jaime. He got to fly my ride at Mingus on his last day in the state in October a couple of years ago. He had a nice soaring flight and enjoyed it. If you are not familiar with Mingus, it can and does have a winter season that is not primo. The typical thermal flying season wraps up at the end of October. You can still fly Mingus after that date but there can be wintery conditions and little or no thermal activity. Just an FYI.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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