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    ‘Tis the season.
    Looking real good at Mother Mingus this weekend.
    Might just try the Butte tomorrow.
    This really is a good time of year to be flying, isn’t it? Why isn’t anyone else talking about flying? Am I the last one standing?



    Do you plan to fly on Fri? It is a holiday.



    Yes, Friday is the three year anniversary of my first flight – first day on the training hill ( 4/20/09 ).

    And two years ago today I took my first flight off of Mingus – went to over 12k. Thanks again to Kris for making that flight possible. I’ll never forget that one.



    Good on ya Andy. Wish I could join you but have to work Friday, and I think (hope?) I have an XC calling my name from PRA on Saturday.



    Of course it was the 20th of april. I almost forgot who your instructor was.



    this should b fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

    out here at torrey for a stretch…fun yesterday, looking at 15 W today! [-o<



    Shane you bragger, while we cook over here… take some pics and post ’em. At least we can vicariously enjoy it…



    Mingus was good today, should be better tomorrow. Andy was first to launch and last to land. Thermals to 10K at the hill and nice lift in the valley. The gate is still locked on top but its dry up there.



    Starter broke on the dragonfly, so heading to Mingus Saturday morning – see you there Tim.



    right on andimus! school ’em ๐Ÿ˜‰



    Thanks for getting the word out Andy…

    Great to be at Mingus with so many on Saturday. I followed Jeff B Johnson over the back and we headed for Chino Valley in a slight headwind most of the way, where I landed at 25 miles. Jeff did better and ended up farther West at about 37 miles. I hit 15,600 and Jeff pulled out at 15K during his flight. A fun starter for when the season really kicks in. Hope everyone had similar great experiences – looked like most everybody got high. Haven’t heard how things turned out for Sunday… Hey Jeff post your Leonardo flight in here if you are in the mood… and anybody else who would like to jump in and say how things turned out.


    May put a video up next week, have to travel tomorrow and the vid making machine’s at home…



    Sunday was a little better, soarable by 10 am; cuโ€™s by 10:30. Rick, Bill C and I were the only ones to setup and run off by noon. I had a quick climb out despite Rickโ€™s ptt button jamming up with tree sap forcing me to turn off the radio. I would not see him or speak to him until he landed in Chino along 89. Turns out his vario batteries died right when he launched so he did pretty good!

    Lift for me was to 14-15k. At wagon tire flat I was down to 8500โ€™ had ratty climb back up to 14k and on glide to Bill Williams, but for logistical reasons I turned toward Ash fork where I landed and was picked up by 3pm. I think Bill landed out front after hitting 16k.

    It was good to see and hang with Dale Webb and Jim Whitelaw up there with their wives. They made some awesome chili and drinks sat night around the fire. Dale topped out near 17k sat, and Dan S was in the air nearly 4 hours, it was a good weekend!



    We were flying Mt. Lemmon on Saturday, using 151.955, and I’m pretty sure I heard one of the Buxtons at 13K+. That’s 180+ miles on what I presume is a 5W handheld transceiver.
    Glad you guys had great flights. The season has definitely begun, all over the state.

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