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A Notice to Pilots

The Craters is a northern Arizona site used very frequently for training and thermaling by pilots in AZ and neighboring states. It has been an official flight park for many years and serves as a memorial for the late Dixon White. You must have a current USHPA membership and at least a H2/P2 to fly there. Now for the details: There is a 1 square mile parcel of land which is privately owned and not part of the Merriam Flight Park. Please DO NOT stray off of the main Merriam Road. DO NOT drive fast, keep dust to a minimum, DO NOT USE THE LOWER EAST BENCH OR THE ROADS GOING UP TO IT! DO NOT LAND IN THE OLD HANG GLIDER LZ ON THE EAST SIDE OF MERRIAM! Let's all work together to maintain a good relationship with land owners and keep Merriam easily accessible. More information can be found at


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  1. Tom Jenkins Tom Jenkins
    P3 PG & PPG pilot from Ohio with friend from Fountain Hills. Looking for weekend fliers for plans for Appache Maid (and ride up to launch) and/or Mingus ( possible Sunday a.m.?) Tom (440) 668-7553

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