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Mingus Hang Gliding - TBD Paragliding - Andy Miller, 67 miles, landed near Valle, AZ South Mountain South Launch Hang Gliding - Dustin Martin, 137 miles, South Launch to Tumacacori, AZ Paragliding - Dustin Pachura, 66 miles,  SE past Newman Peak South Mountain North Launch Hang Gliding - TBD Paragliding - Dustin Pachura, 62 miles,…
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A Notice to Pilots

The Craters is a northern Arizona site used very frequently for training and thermaling by pilots in AZ and neighboring states. It has been an official flight park for many years and serves as a memorial for the late Dixon White. You must have a current USHPA membership and at least a H2/P2 to fly there. Now for the details: There is a 1 square mile parcel of land which is privately owned and not part of the Merriam Flight Park. Please DO NOT stray off of the main Merriam Road. DO NOT drive fast, keep dust to a minimum, DO NOT USE THE LOWER EAST BENCH OR THE ROADS GOING UP TO IT! DO NOT LAND IN THE OLD HANG GLIDER LZ ON THE EAST SIDE OF MERRIAM! Let's all work together to maintain a good relationship with land owners and keep Merriam easily accessible. More information can be found at



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This is Humbolt


A Sweet Ridge & Thermal Site South West of Phoenix

Oatman is a bit off the beaten path and away from the congestion and airspace restrictions found at the Metro Phoenix sites. Offers good ridge soaring opportunities when a good wind is in the forecast.


Location: Gila Bend, Painted Rock Dam.
Usage: Hang, Para, Rigid; Foot-launch
Season: All year, but very hot during Summer.
Requirements: Hang 2.
Affiliation: Arizona Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.
Radio info: USHGA standard business band frequencies, 2M Ham with proper license.
Land ownership:
Other use: Sightseers and campers near launch, military jet training on weekdays.
Emergency: Gila Bend.
Maintenance: Arizona Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.


South Launch: Great for ridge soaring and a good thermal collector.
SW from 0 to 25 MPH.
Driving directions: Take Painted Rock Road off I-8 (about ten miles West of Gila Bend) and go North. Where the road veers right and a dirt road continues West, follow the dirt road to the South LZ. The road to launch is by the riverbed on the East side.
Road conditions: 4WD dirt road in fair condition after turnoff to South launch.
Parking: 6 vehicles max.
Facilities: None.
Setup area: Max. 10 gliders.
Hazards: Power lines going up south face of mountain from LZ. High speed jets on weekdays. Crosswinds on launch from right (SW) are generally turbulent and produce little lift.

North Launch: Faces small valley crosscutting the mountain.
Winds: N from 0 to 25 MPH.
Driving directions: Same as for South launch but continue on paved road to top of mountain.
Road conditions: 2WD paved road in fair condition.
Parking: 6 vehicles max.
Facilities: None.
Setup area: Max. 10 gliders.
Hazards: Several large telecummunications antennas, some with cables. High speed jets on weekdays. Crosswinds on launch should be avoided.


Type of flying: Ridge soaring and thermaling.
Restrictions: No special flying restrictions.
Hazards: Power lines on south side going up face of mountain and East of LZ. High speed jets on weekdays.


South Landing Zone: Large, flat areas with room to overshoot and undershoot.
Driving directions: See directions to South launch.
Road conditions: Gravel, 2WD.
Parking: Next to vegetation.
Facilities: Gila Bend.
Hazards: Power lines to East of LZ. Several ravines about 15 to 25 feet deep should be avoided.

North Landing Zone: Large, flat areas surrounded by tall vegetation and barbed-wire fence along dirt road.
Driving directions: Same as directions to South launch but continue on dirt road where paved road to launch begins.
Road conditions: Gravel, 2WD, 4WD after erosion by rains.
Parking: Ends of LZ.
Facilities: Gila Bend.
Hazards: Barbed-wire fence, tall trees.