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Who In The Flock To Follow

Let's face it, being a new paraglider pilot isn't easy! Your instructor helped you learn the skills and knowledge necessary to meet or exceed the novice rating requirements and pass the written exam. You've been cleared to go out and fly without your instructor and his comforting voice on the radio. You have taken in a bunch of new information and hope you remember everything you've been taught. There's a whole new world out there for you to explore and keeping your eyes, ears and mind open will help you tremendously in your journey.

Thermal Flyer

This is a long article, so I divided it into two sections. The first section is about flying with the local TX pilots. For those of you more interested in the Lone Star National Competition and the fatal accident therein, that is in the second section.


Mingus Hang Gliding - TBD Paragliding - Andy Miller, 67 miles, landed near Valle, AZ South Mountain South Launch Hang Gliding - Dustin Martin, 137 miles, South Launch to Tumacacori, AZ Paragliding - Dustin Pachura, 66 miles,  SE past Newman Peak South Mountain North Launch Hang Gliding - TBD Paragliding - Dustin Pachura, 62 miles,…
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