Monthly Meeting

 Hey Pilots! Our August meeting is next Tuesday the 8th at Bill's house, 501 W. San Juan Ave Phoenix 85013. Dinner at 6:30, we go official at 7. Lots of great things to talk about, with 3 Fly-Ins coming up! Here's the agenda, let me know if you'd like anything added.

August Meeting Agenda

New Faces:

Old Business:

Weather station update: Apache

Mingus Fly In last minute stuff

Craters Info and volunteers

Reminder: Gingher will not be running for a 6th term as president at the end of the year, please discuss options and talk about who is ready to step up as officers for 2018.

New Business:

Observers. Our observers in AZ are John Wolfe in Tucson, Brad Chastain, and Steve Konves. Brad is taking time off to spend with his new family and Steve has moved up north. We need to consider appointing a new observer or two for the Phoenix area.
Sombrero Man Dates: This party/fly-in is put on by B-Rad in El Golfo, Mexico for a week in October. Towing and ridge/dune soaring, great food, and fun camping on the beach.
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