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    I’m reluctantly selling my Mojo 3, size L (95-115kg). It’s been a wonderful wing for me, but I’ve decided to move up to a 1-2. This thing is bulletproof! I’ve been comfortable in weather that made friends flying a DHV2 literally pack up and head home! It launches straight and makes me look like a hero every time! Just look at the pictures, how the mylar inserts stand up at attention like a squad of soldiers.

    Like the wing is at the ready to rush into the power zone straight and square. Gets me emotional just thinking about it, LOL. I ALWAYS concertina folded this wing to ensure that the mylar inserts would stay that way.

    The wing had a small rip (about 4 inches) that was repaired immediately. I took my time on the repair, and as you can see by the picture, it’s a quality job.

    There were two extreme upper cascade brake lines which I replaced after a launch on a rocky area cut them. They were measured to within half a milimeter for the replacement and the new lines have absolutely no negative impact on handling or safety. One brake toggle’s snap is currently broken, but I will replace the brake toggle at no charge before I ship the wing.
    This wing has been very good to me. Its passive safety is impeccable. Its custom colors make it truly one-of-a-kind. I have had innumerable compliments on how beautiful this wing is.

    I have a log book if you’d like to see it. 37 hours of free-flight and 5 hours of motor flight. It does very well with a motor, too. Don’t miss the cnance to pick this wing up at $1000 off of the retail, with only a little over 1/10th of its life used up!

    Please contact me at wyattlines@yahoo.com or give me a call at the number below. Thanks!

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